SAМ1 and SAM2

The luminaires type SAM is a low intensity type B signal lamp with self-contained solar power supply, designed to mark  obstacles in aviation.

This type of equipment is intended for installation on high buildings, towers, high voltage poles (lines) and others that according  to  the requirements of  ICAO  and FAA must be marked  as obstacles in aviation.

They are used when on the site there is no  power supply voltage available or its  availability  and maintenance are not effective.



SAM is a compact device (all components are located in one body).
SAM is a set of a complex delivery, including all cables and installation parts,         
         allowing realization of  "turn-key" projects.
SAM provides adjustable tilt of the solar panel depending on the       
different latitudes of  location of the site.
SAM allows  installation on different types of poles.

Information about SAM1 and SAM2 can be found HERE.




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