Management and energy efficiency systems

ELTA-R develops own systems for automation and intelligent lighting control.These systems are an important element of the maintenance and service strategy.


ELTA-R can adapt the products according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer!

Automated safety system for loading and unloading activities (doors)

The basic problem related to staff safety with this operations comes out with the  forklifts passing  through the doors of the warehouses. In these zones there are possibilities for  incidents between the fast moving  forklifts and the pedestrians working in the warehouse.


Automated traffic management system for loading and unloading activities in logistics areas

The main problem related to the safety of personnel and pedestrians during loading and unloading operations arises when vehicles pass on the internal factory roads intersecting with the pedestrian zones. In conflict zones, there is a possibility of an accident between fast-moving vehicles and personnel.




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