Luminaires with special purpose

ELTA-R produces luminaires developed especially for particular purposes. This allows the client to minimize it expences with respect to the solution chosen using luminaires of standard type.


  The luminaires of the SMS series are specially designed for illumination of racing tracks and installations as per the requirements of international standards. In case of electricity failurethe sytem continues lighting with 1/10 of its intensity for a period of time of up to 120 seconds.


Series ESBH30 EF W4 - LED Luminaries for Bicycle Shelters

The ESBH30 EF W4 LED luminaires are specifically designed to illuminate bicycle shelters. At the request of the customer, they can be equipped with a built-in sensor for switching on / off, battery block for "emergency" power supply in the event of failure of the main power supply, intelligent system for automatic control of illumination (maintaining a constant level of illumination in relation to the environment).


SSM - hybrid lighting system

The SSM series is a hybrid lighting system with autonomous group solar power supply and luminaires with conventional power supply. To illuminate the surface  different numbers of lamps with the design and intensity of illumination of lighting type SG10; SM10 or SG15 and SM15 are used.


Series CSC - City Solar Charger

The City Solar Charger of the CSC 01 type is meant for free charging of the batteries ofpersonal mobile electronic equipment: telephones, smart phones and tablets any time24 hours a day when needed.


Series SS4P12 LDV - Solar Power Supply System

The solar power supply system of the SS4P12 LDV type is meant for power supply any time24 hours a day when needed in areas where the mains supply cannot be provided. The system allows remote monitoring via GSM radio module and ELTA IoT web application, local monitoring via Bluetooth LE radio module and a specialized Android smartphone application. In order to avoid vandalism, sensors for impact, collapse and security sensors are installed, which makes the system applicable in areas of increased criminal risk.


Series RSS

The RSS series is a portable (mobile) solar system for temporary alley lighting, outdoor events, temporary repairs, industry roads and more.


Series SP49M2 - solar powered multiple luminaires fence light system

The SP49M2 series is lighting system with a group solar power supply, powering up to 2 x 9 (18 pcs LED luminaires each with an intensity of the luminous flux of 700 lm). The connection between the luminaires and the central solar controller is realized with a 2 wire (2.5 mm2) cable. The voltage in the cable is not hazardous – 12 VDC. The recommended length of the cable is up to 80 m. The autonomy of the system without sun shine is 24 hours (2 nights).


Series SS30M2 - solar powered multiple luminaires LED light system

The SS30M2 series is a solar powered multiple lighting system with autonomous group solar power supply and luminaires with DC power supply. To illuminate the surface different numbers of lamps with the design and intensity of illumination of lighting type ESB and ESBL are used. Characteristics:


SS9A/SS9P-8CW-186-18-4L60 - solar luminaires with video surveillance system

SS9-8CW-186-18-4L60 is a solar lighting system supplying and controlling an additional system for video surveillance and security. This technical solution provides simultaneous illumination of the adjacent terrain and video connection for sites where it is difficult or impossible to install video cameras powered by a regular mains supply.


Серия ET-FRW4

The luminaires of the ET-FRW4 type have beed designed to illuminate all types of refrigerating chambers or rooms with extremely low temperatures up to -40°С, depending on the required level of illumination. 




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