Luminaires with special purpose

ELTA-R produces luminaires developed especially for particular purposes. This allows the client to minimize it expences with respect to the solution chosen using luminaires of standard type.

SSM - hybrid lighting system

The SSM series is a hybrid lighting system with autonomous group solar power supply and luminaires with conventional power supply. To illuminate the surface  different numbers of lamps with the design and intensity of illumination of lighting type SG10; SM10 or SG15 and SM15 are used.


Series EPHW luminaires for pedestrian crossing zones

The luminaires of the EPHW series have been designed especially for illuminating pedestrian crossing zones as per the requirements of theinternational standards. An addaptive rotating fixing mechanism incombination with the original design having excellent termal characteristicssecure long term and reliable operation at all atmospheric conditions.  Theaddaptive fixing mechanizm allows fixing to all types of poles.



  The luminaires of the SMS series are specially designed for illumination of racing tracks and installations as per the requirements of international standards. In case of electricity failurethe sytem continues lighting with 1/10 of its intensity for a period of time of up to 120 seconds.




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