SS9A/SS9P-8CW-186-18-4L60 - solar luminaires with video surveillance system

SS9-8CW-186-18-4L60 is a solar lighting system supplying and controlling an additional system for video surveillance and security.

This technical solution provides simultaneous illumination of the adjacent terrain and video connection for sites where it is difficult or impossible to install video cameras powered by a regular mains supply.




  • Compact solution - all components are in one body;
  • Maximal efficiency of utilization of solar radiation for different latitudes;
  • Possibility for mixed intelligent power supply (solar + conventional);
  • Ecological - mercury and lead free;
  • High energy efficienc;
  • Long lifecycle;
  • No maintenance coast;
  • High quality area illumination - circular (P) and linear (A) diagram of illumination;
  • Ergonomical light - close to natural light;
  • Wide operating temperature range from -35° to +60°С.

Information about SS9A/SS9P-8CW-186-18-4L60 can be found HERE.




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