Series ESBH30 EF W4 - LED Luminaries for Bicycle Shelters

The ESBH30 EF W4 LED luminaires are specifically designed to illuminate bicycle shelters.
At the request of the customer, they can be equipped with a built-in sensor for switching on / off, battery block for "emergency" power supply in the event of failure of the main power supply, intelligent system for automatic control of illumination (maintaining a constant level of illumination in relation to the environment).


  • Worldwide powered; 
  • Active Power Factor Corrections (PFC); 
  • Excellent performance lighting;
  • Emergency function - option;
  • Automatic switching “ON/OFF” by a builtin photosensor - option;
  • Intelligent system for brightness menagement - option;
  • Ergonomical light - close to natural light; 
  • High energy efficiency; 
  • Long lifecycle; 
  • No maintenance coast; 
  • Ecological - mercury and lead free.

Information about the SMS series can be found HERE.



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