Signaling lamps and signaling systems

ELTA-R develops and produces a vast family of signaling lamps, appropriate for building different systems for signaling meeting the requirements of international standards and the concrete project. The signaling lamps and systems may be with conventional or with solar power supply. Obstruction light for the aviation, for naval navigation and some other marking types of lamps are produced.

Aviation obstacle light

The signalling lamps manufactured by ELTA-R for marking obstacles in aviation meet the requirements of ICAO, FFA and some specific local regulations. The obstruction lights produced are of low and medium intensity type.       Useful information:  ICAO - Annex 14, chap. 6 ‘Visual Aids for denoting Obstacles’  Presentation for mobile operators  Installation materials for installation of ALOL  INSTALLATION MATERIALS for ALOL7 (Wall Mounting) INSTALLATION MATERIALS for ALOM (Wall Mounting) Aluminium distribution box ELTA DB2


Luminaires for navigation in shipping

ELTA-R manufactures specialized lamps for navigation in river and see shipping as per international and local regulations. ELTA-R is in a position to offer marking lamps and/or signaling systems as per the specific technical requirements of the client. The lamps of the next types are available for production and sale: Sample photos: HERE.



Custom design

ELTA-R produces marking lamps for special purposes. Usually they have a functional purpose.




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