ELTA -R shares the understanding that most of the existing luminaries of old technologies can be modified and updated with LED technologies.

In most of the cases this is a much more economical version than purchase of LED luminaries for direct replacement.

For achieving of good results the old luminaries must be with a rigid and suitable construction, which can dissipate the heat and a low implementation in it suitable LED modules and drivers.

If the new solution is well done and based on the principle of "Plug and Play" the upgrading can be done directly in the field at the site.

This will significantly minimise the cost of modernization and the realisation of the particular project.

ELTA-R has significant experience in this field of activity and is in a position to suggest a precise technical solutions in case of inquiry made by the client.

Below are described some steps ( the technology) used in design activities.

1. Initial requirements:

  • applicationdata for the original luminaire;
  • photos;
  • brochures;
  • quantities needed;
  • target price;
  • sample;
  • specific requirements of the client.

2. R&D of a prototype, measurements of the original lamp and the prototype. 
3.Testing of the prototype by the client and comparison to the original.  
4. Normal serial production.

 Additionally, some of the implemented projects are shown - HERE .

 Specific technical solutions are additionally shown:



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