Livestock breeding luminaires

The  luminaires for Livestock breeding lighting manufactured by ELTA-R have excellent technical characteristics. They may be used for realization of different projects for modernization of existing lighting systems or for new projects.
The economical efficiency of their implementation has been proved in practice.
The luminaires for Livestock breeding and Horticulture lighting are available for sale.


ELTA-R can adapt the products according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer!


Series AGRO-SIW-SMG160/12R

The luminaires of the AGRO-SIW-SMG160/12R type have been designed for lighting of sites in the agrarian – industrial sector and in particular for breading animals for milk. AGRO-SIW-SMG160/12R is supplied with typical integrated controlled lighting, which is used while checking the cow-houses during the dark part of the day.Researches have confirmed, that milch animals do not see red light.




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