Street and park lighting with solar power supply

"ELTA-R" is manufacturing a vast range of street and park luminaires with solar power supply. The products have excellent design and extremely high technical characteristics. The high energy efficacy and the long life time with no need for any technical services and maintenance makes them attractive for building different infrastructure projects, The "SS-bollard", "SS-vanguard", "SS-vanguard+" and "SS-classic" series are in regular production, availlable for sale.

ELTA-R adapts the products according to the specific geographical region and requirements of the customer!

Series SH2 - solar LED flood light

THE USE OF THE POWER OF THE SUN DURING THE NIGHT IS A GREAT CHALLENGE. THE SOLAR LED LIGHTS OF THE SH FAMILY PROVIDE YOU WITH THIS FACILITY. You may use SH2 series for lighting different public and private sites such as parks, alleys, garden, quays, etc. Maintenance Free System. SH2 is an innovative, high-tech product with a modern design and universal application for lighting different areas.


Series SS Bollards

The SS Bollard series is suitable for garden lighting; mapping of: pedestrian roads; alleys; squares; parks and other decorative areas. The decorative park lights series, combines functionality and innovative design.


Series SS - "vanguard"

The SS-"vanguard" series combines functionality and innovative design. The cutting-edge technology used ensures optimal utilization of the dimensions with guaranteed long life of the system.


Series SS - "vanguard+"

The SS vanguard+ series combines functionality and original design. The powerful solar luminaire series is suitable for street and street lighting; highways; intersections; squares; lighting of gardens, parks, pedestrian areas and various decorative spaces, in accordance with international standards.


Series SS - "classic"

The SS - "classic" seriesis a high-tech product that combines functionality with a known classic design. The cutting-edge technology used ensures optimal utilization of the dimensions combined with increased system reliability in bad weather for a long period of time. The adaptive design of the system allows for quick and easy installation, with the ability to fix to different types of  poles.


Series SMGS-DC

The SMGS-DC series are designed to be integrated into customer-developed solar systems.They have excellent technical characteristics, IP rate and highly reliable.




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