Street and park lighting with conventional power supply

The  luminaires for street lighting manufactured by ELTA-R have excellent technical characteristics. They may be used for realization of different projects for modernization of existing lighting systems or for new projects. The economical efficiency of their implementation has been proved in practice. The luminaires of the “SM”; "SMG" and “SG” series are available for sale.


Street and park lighting with solar power supply

"ELTA-R" is manufacturing a vast range of street and park luminaires with solar power supply. The products have excellent design and extremely high technical characteristics. The high energy efficacy and the long life time with no need for any technical services and maintenance makes them attractive for building different infrastructure projects, The "SS-vanguard" and "SS-classic" series are in regular production, availlable for sale.


Industrial lighting

The luminaires for industrial lighting, manufactured by ELTA-R are a powerful means for sharp improvement of the energy efficiency and the illuminance quality in industry.  The luminaires of the “IT”; “SIN” “IU”, “SIW” and “IPM” are available for sale. For working areas with high level of dust or humidity the hermetically sealed luminaires for outdoor lighting of the “EP” series can be used with great success.


Indoor lighting

ELTA-R produces a large family of luminaaires for indoor ) interior) lighting. The luminaires are distinguished with their nice design and multi functionality. They have been developed to satisfy the need in different market segments. The luminaires of the “ICL”, ICM”, IWL”, “IWM”, ICH”, FSA”, FSB” and “FSM” series are available for sale.


Outdoor and architectural lighting

ELTA-R  manufactures a large family of luminaires for outdoor and architectural lighting. The luminaires are totally hermetically sealed with different power. They are distinguished with their pleasing and simple design, high energy efficiency and multi functionality. They may be used for building different lighting systems and for lighting different sites. For the realization of projects for architectural lighting luminaires with different colour of the emitted  light can be produces. The luminaires of the “EP”, “EW” and “EWD” series are available for sale.


Luminaires for illumination of billboards, advertisement panels, sign boards and traffic signs

ELTA-R develops and manufactures luminaries designed for illumination of billboards, advertisement panels , sign boards and traffic signs. The luminaires can be used with success for illuminating the areas next the building frontage. Using them high level and uniformity of the illuminance of the objects are easily achieved. Versions with conventional and solar power supply can be realized. The luminaires of the “ESB”, "SR”, "SRM" and “SRL” series are available for sale.


Luminaires for outdoor security perimeters and CCTV

ELTA-R develops and manufactures luminaries designed for illumination of outdoor security perimeters. The luminaires are available in two versions - with white light and infrared light. With their use is easier to achieve the required illuminance at a distance of 120 meters for the safety camera. The luminaires of the "ESP12dc" and "ESPI" series are available for sale. The luminaires of these series can be produced with DC or AC power supply.


Explosion proof lighting (EX)

The design and the production of  this market segment is extremely responsible task. The luminaires manufactured by ELTA-R  have excellent light characteristics and high energy efficiency. The luminaires of the “BPS” and “BPP” series with AC and DC poer supply are available for sale.


Tunnel lighting and underpasses

"ELTA-R" develops and manufactures a series of luminaires used in projects for illuminating tunnels, road intersections under bridges and fly-over bridges. Using a special optical system the necessary characteristics for illuminating the respective tunnel are realized. The products have high technical characteristics and excellent design. Proper fixing parts for easy installation are foreseen for each particular project case.


Signaling lamps and signaling systems

ELTA-R develops and produces a vast family of signaling lamps, appropriate for building different systems for signaling meeting the requirements of international standards and the concrete project. The signaling lamps and systems may be with conventional or with solar power supply. Obstruction light for the aviation, for naval navigation and some other marking types of lamps are produced.


Luminaires with special purpose

ELTA-R produces luminaires developed especially for particular purposes. This allows the client to minimize it expences with respect to the solution chosen using luminaires of standard type.




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