Series SP49M2 - solar powered multiple luminaires fence light system

The SP49M2 series is lighting system with a group solar power supply, powering up to 2 x 9 (18 pcs LED luminaires each with an intensity of the luminous flux of 700 lm).

The connection between the luminaires and the central solar controller is realized with a 2 wire (2.5 mm2) cable. The voltage in the cable is not hazardous – 12 VDC.
The recommended length of the cable is up to 80 m.

The autonomy of the system without sun shine is 24 hours (2 nights).

ELTA-R can adapt the products according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer!


  • Safe DC Low Voltage
  • ​Extremely Wide Asymmetric Lenses
  • Zero Light Pollution
  • High energy efficiency
  • No maintenance costs
  • Long lifecycle
  • High quality area ill umination
  • Ergonomical – close to natural light
  • Ecological – mercury and lead free
  • Automatic night/day on/off available
  • Autonomy in nominal mode 24 hours
  • Total power system 110 W
  • User programmable late night dimming available
  • Remote control available
  • Operating temperature from -40° up to +60°C

Specific technical information are additionally shown - HERE.



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