Series SM-20P3

SM-20P3 is a signaling (marking) lamp with red sector and automatic solar power supply, designed for marking of obstacles in shipping with a range of 20 nautical miles (V=40m).




The SM-20P3 marking lamp is a LED lighting source, designed to mark the following:    

  • coastal lighthouse;  ports and maritime entrances;     
  • oil and gas towers;  
  • public piers, ports and maritime tourist  routes;  
  • breakwaters and all sorts of sea and river infrastructure.

The lamp is extremely compact. It is installed very easily and quickly with no need of additional equipment and external power supply.
The body is resistant to different atmospheric influences and is entirely hermetically sealed.
SM-20P3 can operate in a mode of permanent lighting, as well as in a mode of preset mode of blinking.
No special maintenance is required.

Information about SM-20P3 can be found HERE.



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