Series SM3DBG

SM3DBG is a signaling (marking) lamp with automatic solar power supply, designed for marking of obstacles in shipping with a range of 3 nautical miles (5.556km).




The SM3DBG marking lamp is a LED lighting source, designed to mark the following:    

  • ports and maritime entrances;     
  • oil and gas towers;  
  • public piers, ports and maritime tourist routes;  
  • navigation buoys,
  • buoys for hydro-meteo measurements,
  • coastal light beacons
  • marking any other sea and river infrastructure.

In the SM3DBG there are different built-in, AIaiS GSM, GPS and BLE radio modules for local and remote monitoring and control.

Different sensors for emergency situations and security are builtinbuilt-in in the construction. SM3DBG can provide power supply and data transmSMiSSion for external hydro-meteo sensors too.

The lamp is extremely compact with a special construction for more efficient usage of the sun light. The body is hermetically sealed and resistant from the external conditions.

The installation is fast, without the need of extra equipment and external power supply. It does not need any special maintenance.

Information about SM3DBG can be found HERE.





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