Series SRL

The luminaires with individual solar power supply of the SRL  series are designed to illuminate with high uniformity traffic signs installed onsided .

The cutting-edge design with a pre-set in the construction of the luminaire directional angle of lighting, combined with excellent thermal performance ensure continued reliable operation of the luminaire even in harsh weather conditions. The innovative system solution is with high energy efficiency and long lifetime withoit any need of  maintenance.



  • Compact solution - all components are in one body;  
  • Facility for installation on existing poles;
  • Possibility for intelligent mixed power supply (solar + conventional);  
  • Ecological - mercury and lead free;  
  • Long lifetime;  
  • No maintenance coast;  
  • High quality area illumination;  
  • Ergonomical light - close to natural light;  
  • Wide operating temperature range from -35° to +60°С.

Sample configurations are listed in the table:

Total power
Average illumination
Real  luminous flux
for downloading
SRL2 1 100
/1pcs. t.s.
120 application/pdf icon SRL
SRL3 2 100
/2pcs. t.s.

 * ELTA-R adapts the products according to the specific geographical region and requirements of the customer!



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