Nuclear, chemical and biological reconnaissance and protection

In this direction ELTA-R has partnered with companies BRUHN NEWTECH-Denmark, BRUKER DALTRONIX-Germany.

Below are listed some of CBRN applications for use in crisis situations:

  • NBC-ANALYSIS: Operational software application for forecasting, warning and report about CBRN
  • SensAware ™: Standard application software for the integration of a variety of chemical, biological, radiological and meteorological sensors
  • NBCSim ™: Software application for the simulation of chemical and radiological hazards and air pollution
  • EOD Frontline: Operational software application management operations EOD and Demining
  • CBRN-E Response: Complete CBRNE (CBRN) solution: planning and response to CBRNE threats and incidents on site and / or centers for crisis management with the opportunity to integrate sensors and use remote controlled cars.

Additional available equipment and system integration into C4I systems and those for crisis management as:

  • BWA detection with the use of MALDI TOF MS
  • RAPID - detection of atmospheric pollution
  • New generation of nuclear radiation detectorsA new generation of mobile Mass spectrometers
  • Chemical Biological Mass spectrometers
  • Possible delivery are other equipment and software.




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