Completed projects

ELTA-R has implemented a number of contracts for the supply of goods and services in the field of national security and otbrana.Po Below are some of the major projects "turnkey", ended with the successful implementation into operation.


Field Integrated Communication and Information System (FICIS)

Building FICIS "turnkey" is related to the commitment of the government of the Republic of Bulgaria for the rearming of the number of units of the Bulgarian Army to achieve interoperability of membership in Euro-Atlantic alliance (NATO). Under international tender, the main contractor is the Italian company Marconi, now SELEX Elsag SpA Under the terms of the Treaty, ELTA-R e chief coordinator of its implementation in the country. The contract was completed in late 2002. This is the largest and most complex system type C4ISTAR, introduced in the Bulgarian army during its restructuring and rearming. At present, ELTA-R performs a framework agreement for maintenance of the system over the entire life cycle.


Training centre - halls for (C2) and Communications

In the preparation of the Field Integrated Communications and Information System for military use, ELTA-R has been responsible for the design and construction of a training center at 61 of the Bulgarian Army Brigade in Karlovo. Built by ELTA-R Center is the most advanced, multi-center study directly related to the performance of particular classes of absorption of operating complex systems, including real-time activities. Center, can be successfully upgraded with other educational cabinets.


Еncryption module with embeded national cryptoalgoritm

Under the terms of the contract with the Ministry of Defence, ELTA-R has developed a specialized cryptomodul built-in group ciphering device used in the project to build FICIS. In cryptomodule, successfully built national cryptoalgoritm.


Military messaging handling system (MMHS)

ELTA-R has successfully executed contracts for the construction of military communications system for the Bulgarian army. Building systems for military communications is undertaken with related documents MS-203/10.06.2005; MS-204/10.06.2005. (National response to the ratification of the STANAG 4406 standard "MILITARY MESSAGE HANDLING SYSTEM (MMHS), undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for achieving interoperability in connection with membership in Euro-Atlantic alliance (NATO).


CBRN system

ELTA-R won the delivery of the Bulgarian Army, specialized software and hub for sensors (CBRN).


Integrated Communication and Information System for Ministry of Emergency Situations

Integrated Communication and Information System for the Ministry of Emergency Situations was built in late 2009 by a consortium of three Bulgarian companies, one of which is ELTA-R.


System for objective control for the needs of Civil Protection

For the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, respectively "Civil Protection", ELTA-R was developed and implemented in the operating system objective control. It consists of intelligent IP devices to record conversations dispatch stations nationwide. At present the system is under the authority of dispatch points in the structure of the Ministry of Interior.




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