Field Integrated Communication and Information System (FICIS)

Building FICIS "turnkey" is related to the commitment of the government of the Republic of Bulgaria for the rearming of the number of units of the Bulgarian Army to achieve interoperability of membership in Euro-Atlantic alliance (NATO).

Under international tender, the main contractor is the Italian company Marconi, now SELEX Elsag SpA Under the terms of the Treaty, ELTA-R e chief coordinator of its implementation in the country.

The contract was completed in late 2002. This is the largest and most complex system type C4ISTAR, introduced in the Bulgarian army during its restructuring and rearming.

At present, ELTA-R performs a framework agreement for maintenance of the system over the entire life cycle.

FIKIS is one of the most ambitious projects of the Ministry of Defence in the recent history of the Bulgarian Army. Designated rearmament divisions are: one mechanized brigade, engineer-sapper battalion, NBC battalion, regiment of radiation and chemical reconnaissance, communication, etc. Company.

The contract was signed on 23.12.1998 year.

The volume of supply includes:

  • 18 pieces complete mobile communication stations;
  • 28 units command-scale machines (KSHTM) of bronebaza;
  • 10 pieces Command and Staff machines (KSHTM) wheelbase;
  • Units 273 machines of 22 different types;
  • over 5000 units communication and information equipment;
  • over 2,400 software installations from 26 types of specialized software;
  • Software Development Command imupravlenie (C2) in the ToR of experts from the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The system is built "turnkey" and entered service in the Bulgarian army, under the terms of the applicable regulations, statutes and regulations.

Shown is the chronology of the project to build PIKIS.

During the implementation of the Treaty was negotiated and executed the first ever Bulgarian army offset program.

The project, according to military standards worldwide is estimated to be very high technological level. It provides full interoperability with NATO countries. Proof of this are the positive results in the execution of all tests for interoperability during international exercises "Combined Endeavor" from 1999 to 2006.

In the process of project implementation ELTA-R accumulated vast experience and received "know-how" of building tactical networks liaison with NATO standards, as well as on the operational use of the system, especially subsystem command and control (C2).

Activities in which SD "ELTA-R-Chenkin & Co" took part are:

  • Participation in the preparation and negotiation of a contract and signing additional agreements;
  • Overall management of the project;
  • Evaluation and selection of subcontractors in Bulgaria;
  • Creating a programming team and work organization in the country;
  • Supply and delivery of equipment in the stores of the Employer;
  • Development of specific projects of signaling hardware and KSHTM;
  • Participation in the implementation of plant tests;
  • Participation in the installation of equipment, hardware, KSHTM machines and units;
  • Participation in conducting systematic tests;
  • Participation in software development;
  • Organise training;
  • Training;
  • Participation in military trials of different phases and stages;
  • Engineering of the mini-systems for command software for the management of the complex;
  • Participation in the Steering Committee of Defense, specifically designed for the coordination of the project;
  • Testing and commissioning of the system for command and control;
  • Manage and participate in the implementation of the offset-program;
  • Maintenance of the system under warranty;
  • Maintenance of the system warranty period for the entire life cycle of 15 years;
  • Preparation of proposals for expansion and improvement;
  • Providing ongoing advice of military experts;
  • Participation in international exercises and preparation of units for missions abroad;


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