Products and Systems

In the implementation of projects in the field of national security and defense, ELTA-R cooperates with its partners, who are leaders on the world market in their field. Products can be supplied and projects that can be implemented are summarized in the following areas: systems C4ISTAR; Industrial Information and personal security, engineering and logistics infrastructure, nuclear, chemical and biological reconnaissance and protection, protection from disasters and emergencies.


C4ISTAR systems

In this direction ELTA-R has successfully cooperated with Italian group Finmeccanica and in particular with SELEX Elsag SpA, as well as with the Slovenian company S & T.


Nuclear, chemical and biological reconnaissance and protection

In this direction ELTA-R has partnered with companies BRUHN NEWTECH-Denmark, BRUKER DALTRONIX-Germany.


Industrial, Personal and Information Security

This trend is implementing projects for: AntiFire; Perimeter security; CCTV; Personal identification and authentication; Construction and maintenance of PKI infrastructure; Supply, installation and maintenance of TEMPEST equipment; Shipping and systematic integration of GPS equipment


Civil Protection from Disasters

ELTA-R invest in this area for many years and is able to offer equipment and systems that are vital for the prevention or the occurrence of crises Disaster.


Engineering and logistics infrastructure

In this direction ELTA-R has partnered with companies DHS Systems LLC (DRASH) - USA, REEVES EMS and WFEL - USA.




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