About "Defense systems"

ELTA-R direction invest in national security and defense in 1994. On request of the Ministry of Defence have successfully developed and put into production a series regular field switches to the needs of the Bulgarian Army.

Delivered over 5,000 lines PBX automation departmental telephone network to a number of military units throughout the country. Gradually, the company has become a trusted and respected provider of goods and services in the Bulgarian Army systems C4ISTAR.

ELTA-R is a real contribution and is an active participant in the process of modernization of the Bulgarian Army in connection with membership of Bulgaria in the Euro-Atlantic alliance. Accumulated vast experience and "know-how" over the years in collaboration with leading companies in the field of defense, allowed the ELTA-R to participate in the auction and implements projects "turnkey" not only for the Bulgarian army, but also to other government agencies and organizations.

ELTA-R is certified military standard quality AQAP 2110. The company fulfills all the necessary requirements for industrial security and access to classified information. Revealed are relevant classified information registries.

ELTA-R has a full license for import, export and transfer of firearms.

There are many initiatives to support the Bulgarian Army:

  • Participation in joint exercises in the country and abroad;
  • trainings;
  • Demonstration and testing of new equipment, different types of systems and software for command and control.

Many are excellent Thanks, addresses activities conducted and implemented projects, but most important to the company are the real results of armaments adopted and put into actual use sophisticated information and communication systems.

Apart of the defense ELTA-R works for the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Projects are implemented crisis management.

The company has bid for control and surveillance of land and maritime borders and building automated control vessel traffic on the Danube.

Company ELTA-R has all the necessary certifications and authorizations for projects related to national security as well as NATO projects.



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