Participation of the ELTA-R in the scientific seminar of the Ministry of Defence

From 21 to 23 November 2012 in Hotel "Olymp" resort Borovets held scientific seminar on "Increasing the effectiveness of research through interaction with civil research organizations and defense industry.".



Bulgarian Army already has its first battalion group composition of the 61st Mechanized Brigade, equipped with FICIS

On the Field Training Ground "Novo Selo" was finished the final stage of the process of preparation and evaluation of the first mechanized battalion of the composition of the 61st Mechanized Brigade and the certification of the first Battalion Battle Group as the joint Bulgarian-US exercise "Allied Force 2012," a Topic: "The battalion battle group to conduct a wide range of operations of establishment of joint security area of responsibility.".


Absolutely successful field tests of COMMS II software

Bulgarian army has several communication nodes, that uses different type of CNR, for voice and data communication. Harris CNR supports IP data communications while Thales 9210 CNR only has an RS232 serial interface through which an asynchronous data transmittance is supported. For this demo a setup with the configuration shown on the picture was prepared.




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