Participation of the ELTA-R in the scientific seminar of the Ministry of Defence

From 21 to 23 November 2012 in Hotel "Olymp" resort Borovets held scientific seminar on "Increasing the effectiveness of research through interaction with civil research organizations and defense industry.".

The seminar was organized by the Institute of Defense and the "Investments in defense."

The seminar was attended by Deputy Minister of Defence, Mr. Valentin Radev.

By ELTA-R took part in the event Mr. Atanas Chenkin - CEO and Mr. Hristo Maznev - Specialist in IT.The panel, which discussed the development of the Automated Information System (AIS) of the Ministry of Defence, the Bulgarian Army, operational and tactical staffs, ELTA-R lectured.

The report was entitled "Enhancing the effectiveness of the AIS of Defense, Army, operational and tactical staffs. The contribution of ELTA-R to implement the commitments undertaken implementation of STANAG 4406. Prospects for Development ".

The report was presented by Mr. Hristo Maznev and attracted great interest.



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