Absolutely successful field tests of COMMS II software

Bulgarian army has several communication nodes, that uses different type of CNR, for voice and data communication. Harris CNR supports IP data communications while Thales 9210 CNR only has an RS232 serial interface through which an asynchronous data transmittance is supported. For this demo a setup with the configuration shown on the picture was prepared.

The purpose of this demo is to present

  1. communication between nodes in different radio networks, to demonstrate the efficient point to point and point to multipoint communication
  2. to demonstrate the possibility to use COTS products that are not aware of COMMS2 networks in the same way as they would use the IPv4 protocol. At the end, the Battle Eye System is used to demonstrate its basic functionality by using the COMMS2 network layer on most efficient way. 

Based on the COMMS2 working mode the following will demonstrated:

  • Local chat (in the same network)
  • Chat from our network to other network
  • Ping (local and broadcast)
  • Mail
  • File transfer


The tested system is absolutely applicable to Bulgarian armed forces. It can be used for interconnection of the different types of radio networks and for optimisation of the existing networks as well. In order full potential of the system to be utilized, it must be installed on all terminals which have connection to the radio networks or just use the networks for data transfer.The system does not restrict users in use of the software which is aware of the usage of the radio networks, but it allows users to use all kind of COTS software, allready bought, or planned to be obtained.If the system is used in the IP GW mode - all types of IP v4 based software will work in a way which will satisfy end users.



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