Engineering and logistics infrastructure

In this direction ELTA-R has partnered with companies DHS Systems LLC (DRASH) - USA, REEVES EMS and WFEL - USA.

The company offers:

Tents a "shelter" type for all known combat and logistics operations.

  • Command pousts
  • CIS activities
  • Military field hospitals
  • Degassing and decontamination
  • Repair activities
  • Personel accomodation

Vehicles for shelters

Power units

Units and devices for controlled air environment in shelters

Field systems degassing and decontamination

Equipment for field hospitals

Lightweight, easily transportable bridge systems (Medium Girder Bridges)

New Generation tactical bridging systems (Dry Support Bridges)

Modular, ferry bridge systems (Air Portable Ferry Bridges)

Overhead systems used in disaster relief (Disaster Relief Bridges)



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