Military messaging handling system (MMHS)

ELTA-R has successfully executed contracts for the construction of military communications system for the Bulgarian army.

Building systems for military communications is undertaken with related documents MS-203/10.06.2005; MS-204/10.06.2005. (National response to the ratification of the STANAG 4406 standard "MILITARY MESSAGE HANDLING SYSTEM (MMHS), undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for achieving interoperability in connection with membership in Euro-Atlantic alliance (NATO).

The system is built and is successfully passed acceptance tests in the month of December 2010 was sent to the national response to NATO headquarters, confirming the application (NRI-422/01.10.2009/MS-204). The contract ended in October 2012.

With the introduction of the system in operation, the Bulgarian Army is one of the most advanced systems of military exchanges messages between the member states of the Euro-Atlantic alliance. Built by ELTA-R "locked" complex information system, located throughout the country is an important element of the modernization of management processes in the Bulgarian army.

The system was conceived and executed assigned to serve as the basis for a complete renovation of the Automated Information System (AIS) executive (RS) of the Bulgarian Army (BA) and the rise and a new peak level in terms of hardware, system and application Software.

The volume of supply and service performance of the ELTA-R include:

  • Preparation of Tactical and Technical Requirements;
  • Development of a system design;
  • Development of an integrated model of security;
  • Preparation of program and methodology for testing;
  • Delivery of server components for the construction of supporting facilities;
  • Supply of auxiliary server components;
  • Delivery of the server operating system components;
  • Delivery of system and application software for server components;
  • Delivery of specialized (for purposes of STANAG 4406) server software components;
  • Installation and testing of server components;
  • Building Domain structure;
  • Start-up and adjustment of all AD needed services;
  • Installation and testing of Exchange structure;Building a cluster in the primary site;
  • Start-up and adjustment of all necessary components for Exchange structure and services;
  • Delivery of workstations for the fixed part of the system;
  • Delivery of system and application software for stationary workstations;
  • Delivery of specialized (for purposes of STANAG 4406) software for stationary workstations;
  • Installing workstations and testing them;
  • Connecting to stations Domain structure;
  • Delivery of tactical workstations of the system;
  • Delivery of system and application software for tactical workstations;
  • Delivery of specialized (for purposes of STANAG 4406) software tactical workstations;
  • Installing tactical workstation setup and testing;
  • Supply of specialized equipment for the tactical part of the system (routers, switches, UPS, patch panels, etc..);
  • Delivery of specialized tactical RACK container NATO standards;
  • Installation of equipment in the tactical RACK container and testing it;
  • Delivery of tactical transport containers (by NATO standards) tactical workstations;
  • Delivery, setup and testing of tactical portal;
  • Installation of the entire system in place and complete testing;
  • Conducting training of administrators;
  • Conducting user training;
  • Conducting training for security administrators;
  • Maintenance of the system under warranty, monthly monitoring and reporting;
  • Preparing for the future of application development system.

In the process of project implementation ELTA-R accumulated vast experience and received the "know-how" of building systems to transmit secure messages to NATO standards, as well as its operational use.

Additionally, outside the scope of the contract the company has performed the following activities:

  • Developing a concept of naming a PC for the AIS of AD;
  • Develop a national OID for the needs of the MoD;
  • Integrating supplied under a separate contract PKI infrastructure Domain structure of MMHS;
  • Develop a system to produce the certificates (by using the built PKI) according to the MoD and NATO;
  • Installation and testing of the Active Card Gold client software on workstations;
  • Construction of auxiliary support system backup (BACKUP);
  • Presentations and demonstrations for training and explaining the capabilities of the system;
  • Troubleshooting the fault of the client;
  • Analysis of the existing structure and technology of network management of clients and recommendations for improvement.


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