Training centre - halls for (C2) and Communications

In the preparation of the Field Integrated Communications and Information System for military use, ELTA-R has been responsible for the design and construction of a training center at 61 of the Bulgarian Army Brigade in Karlovo. Built by ELTA-R Center is the most advanced, multi-center study directly related to the performance of particular classes of absorption of operating complex systems, including real-time activities. Center, can be successfully upgraded with other educational cabinets.

The design and construction of a training center for FICIS within the 61 Mechanized Brigade in Karlovo is caused by the need to implement a continuous learning process for military personnel in conditions close to reality. The construction of the training center saves money and eliminates the inconvenience associated with technological training in military hardware themselves, Command and Staff vehicles and the units. The project requires the construction of a certain amount of jobs (simulators) that fully replicated different types of machines in the system. The structure of the network and the links between teaching jobs (simulators) completely resembles the structure of FICIS. Moreover, the training center can easily be attached to both the strategic network of the Bulgarian army, and at the very FICIS in terms of training or actual combat.

The training center consists of:

  • training hall for Command and Control system;
  • training hall for "transmission medium" (CIS part of the system);
  • center for bonding (interconnecting) and remote access;
  • antenna field on the roof.

The training center allows full implementation of teaching in FICIS system and software for command and control (C2).

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