Series EW

The luminaires of the EW series are designed to provide a onesided backlight or directional lighting with high uniformity in different architectural and artistic objects located outdoors.

The simple compact design with excellent thermal characteristics and a high lvel of hermetization ensure long and reliable operation of the luminaire even in harsh weather conditions. The fixing mechanism allows quick and easy installation on building facades, ceilings, walls and other surfaces.

The EW series successfully can be used for lighting and highlight patterns of buildings, bridges, monuments, and more.

Using a special optical system (a combination of lenses) or mat plafond with luminairies of the EW series a wide range of  lighting projects, highlighting certain aspects and patterns of the architectural style of buildings and facilities can be achieved. In realizing specific architectural projects the luminaires can be made with different colors of the light emitted.


  • Worldwide powered;
  • Optics of specialized lenses for indoor directional lighting;
  • Guaranteed pressurization;
  • High quality area illumination;
  • Option for ceiling with function "antibird";
  • High energy efficiency;
  • Long lifetime;
  • No maintenance coast;
  • Ecological - mercury and lead free.
The luminaries EW type
Total power
Real Luminaire Efficacy
/ lm/W /
Real luminous flux
for downloading
EW9 8.1 109 880 application/pdf icon EW
EW11 10.5 105 1 100
EW13 12.8 109 1 400
EW15 15 110 1 650

Photometric data for the simulations is available upon request.

ELTA-R can adapt the products according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer!

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