Series IEP

The linear luminaires of the IEP series are designed for indoor industrial lighting of outdoor sites or indoor industrial lighting, by hanging suspension (mounting) on a linear grill or ceiling.
The practical design and low cost fo electricity consumption allows to be used as a substitute for classic fluorescent luminaires.

The series can be used to illuminate any type of indoor production areas - workplaces and technology spaces; corridors, pedestrian underpasses and tunnels, general purpose rooms; high-dust production plants. 



  • Worldwide powered; 
  • High quality area illumination; 
  • Ergonomical light - close to natural light; 
  • High energy efficiency; 
  • Long lifetime; 
  • No maintenance coast; 
  • Ecological - mercury and lead free.

Sample photos: HERE.

Total power
Real Luminaire
/ lm/W /
Real luminous flux
for downloading
IEP-2S-80 80 120 9 600 application/pdf icon IEP
IEP-2S-120 116 120 13 900
IEP-3S-180 174 120 20 900

 * Photometric data for the simulations is available upon request.

 ** ELTA-R can adapt the products according to the specific production needs and requirements of the customer!

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