Series ICM

The luminaires of the ICM series are  designed to provide backlight with high uniformity on low power consumption in any indoors premises. The series is suitable for installation to ceilings. The compact dimensions of the series combine excellent thermal characteristics, providing long lifetime of the luminaires with quick and easy installation. The luminaires of the ICM series successfully replace traditional fluorescent lamps of the  2x18W and  2x36W type. The series is applicable for illumination of corridors, premises for general use, different areas premises in residential and public buildings.



  • Worldwide powered;
  • High quality area illumination;
  • Ergonomical light - close to natural light;
  • High energy efficiency;
  • Long lifetime;
  • No maintenance coast;
  • Ecological - mercury and lead free.
Total power
Real Luminaire Efficacy
/ lm/W /
Real  luminous flux
for downloading
ICM 18 17.4 89 3 820 application/pdf icon
ICM 35 34.8 89 4 180

Photometric data for the simulations is available upon request.

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