Services during post warranty period

Usually upon expiry of the warranty period clients with a complex contract are offered to sign a contract for post warranty services on subscription basis.

With this contract for post warranty services and technical assistance ELTA-R guarantees its clients for constant operability of the equipment or the system supplied.In the contract all obligatory norms and activities are strictly specified securing the quality of the services provided:


  • Time for remedy: within 2,4 or  24 hours (depends on contract terms and conditions); 
  • Minimum period for performing  routine services: monthly, quarterly, 6 months or 12 months;
  • Obligatory activities and preventive measures during the routine servicing: diagnostics and tests of all control and peripheral units, check of all settings, check of all configuration and databases, check of all backup and operational data, analysis and evaluation of the equipment (system) by issuing a relevant report and recommendations;   
  • Reconfiguration of the equipment ( system) when necessary or upon request;
  • Fixed prices for repairs and spar parts for the entire validity of the contract;
  • Free of charge technical assistance related to the service operation, extension  and modernization of the equipment (system); 
  • 24 hour contact telephone line; 
  • Conservation and deconservation activities of the equipment (system) in case of seasonal operation mode.

Support services during the post warranty period ar provided 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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