Lighthouse on St. John island with new solar LED headlamps

The Lighthouse on the Sveti Ivan (Saint John) island has marked the Black sea shore using for first time a new  LED marine lantern with solar power supply, manufactured and supplied by"ELTA-R Chenkin and Sie".  The replacement has been done by the Hydrographic Office - Burgas, abranch of the Hydrographic Office of the Bulgarian Navy in Varna.
The today's Lighthouse  in Sozopol has been built by the French company Barbier Bernard & Turrene - Paris in 1911, and originally used gass as alighting source .  In the 50-ies it has been modernized with the electricity as a lightingsource and covered 18 nautical miles zone of vizibility.  In 2014 using up-to-date lighting sources - LED on the basis of specialcustom design the vizibility zone has been extended to 20 nautical miles.



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